Vocational Programs

Contact information:

Patricia Schultz

Vocational Manager

 (570) 622-7920 Ext. 115


What is Habilitation, Inc.? 

Habilitation, Inc. is a vocational training program, which serves individuals with developmental and/or acquired disabilities. Individuals receiving vocational services through Habilitation, Inc. are eighteen years of age or older. The primary goal of the program is to assist each employee to reach their optimum level of vocational functioning, with the result leading to employment in the competitive work force. 

The program provides an integrated environment, encouraging personal growth and independence for each individual. This enables our employees to pursue and strengthen their self esteem, self worth, and pride they will need to work in the competitive work environment.  

Supplemental Employment
Habilitation, Inc.'s competitive employment division provides services to individuals who are interested in being competitively employed in the community. Our job coach assists with education of the job search process, assessments of skills and preferences, and employment maintenance. 

Customer Service & Sales
Habilitation, Inc. operates 3 retail locations: Serendipity, Valley Treasures, & Expressions. Employees interested in working in a retail location receive training on retail operations. All training is individualized with the emphasis on developing a skill set necessary to acquire competitive employment in a retail setting. 

Food Services
Habilitation, Inc.'s Kitchen provides culinary training for employees interested in the food industry. Employees learn food service regulations, how to accommodate to dietary needs, and other skills necessary to work in a culinary setting through the preparation of daily meals for other employees and catering opportunities. 

Custodial Services
Habilitation, Inc.'s custodial services offer individuals opportunities within Avenues locations as well as at sites throughout the community. Employees interested in this career path receive individualized training on all aspects of custodial and janitorial services. Various shifts are available Monday through Friday as well as weekend opportunities. 

Horticultural Services
Habilitation, Inc.'s Lessie's Garden Greenhouse & Gift Shop provides a variety of opportunities for individuals interested in a career in the horticultural industry. Each employee receives individualized training on different types of plants and plant nurturing. In addition, employees develop customer service skills through interaction with customers on a daily basis. 

Facility Based Job Opportunities
Habilitation, Inc.'s Workshop and Warehouse offer a variety of job opportunities including small and large parts assembly, bulk mailing preparation, shredding, and other tasks procured from businesses within the community. All employees receive individualized training designed to improve skills necessary to advance in other vocational areas by performing vital job tasks. 

Mobile Work Force 
Habilitation, Inc.'s mobile work force offers individuals the ability to gain skills in a number of different business and industrial settings. The mobile work force consists of up to 10 employees that perform tasks on a business's premises. Tasks vary depending on location.  
"We at Emma's Friends believe so highly in the work done at Habilitation that we based the mission of our company upon their framework. Emma's Friends was founded to creatively employ individuals with special needs in the production and packaging of our natural soaps and personal care products. It gives us a tremendous sense of joy to know that we provide purposeful work to adults with disabilities. Our customers enjoy purchasing our goods, not only for the wuality of the product, but also for our mission and advocacy for our Friends, those adults with disabilities who work with us. We find our employment contract with Habilitation is truly a win- win- win!" 
- Lynn Elko, Emma's Friends Soaps & Lotions